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Your Reliable Pediatric Dentist in Indianapolis, IN

Castleton General and Implant Dentistry offers your kids a very safe and comfortable environment such that they do not fear visiting a dentist at any given point of time. Generally, when you visit us, it would take about 15 to 20 minutes for us to monitor your kid's overall oral hygiene. We do have nitric oxide or laughing gas if you need any work or fillings to be done, but no shots.

  • To maintain good oral health

  • To protect your kid's teeth from infections

  • Guiding the erupting teeth

  • Assessing to check if there are any cavities which have developed

What is the importance of pediatric dentistry?

Schedule your first visit to us when your kids are 12 months of age or when they're getting their first tooth. This visit would help us in checking if the newly erupting teeth are growing in the correct sequence. Reach out to us today to schedule your appointment!

Helping your kids to maintain their oral health

Our highly trained team performs all your dental work, from a dental perspective you've always been looking for!

You'll enjoy individualized dental care when you choose us for your dental services, feel free to call us at: